Fincher says.

“They would say, ‘Look, you could have somebody piss against the wall
for two hours and call it Alien 3 and it would still do 30 million
dollars worth of business.’ That’s the impetus to make these movies,
you can’t keep the people away.”

“When you direct a [music] video, people give you the money and say,
‘Call us when you’re done.’ Movies aren’t like that. I think you’re
always in over your head on your first movies, even if it’s a very
small movie. All you can do is lick your wounds when it’s over.”

“I have many, many friends who are vice-presidents and presidents of production at movie studios and they never understand this very simple thing: My name’s going to be on it. Your name’s not on it. Your point of view is as valid as any member of the audience. But it’s a different thing when you’re name’s on it, when you have to wear it for the rest of your life, when it’s on a DVD and it’s hung around your fucking neck. It’s your albatross.”
–Thanks, Fox

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