The Love Song of J. Tetley Durbin

it began in a remote mountain camp they call Norval
a thin strapping lad ran bare chested through the fields of amber
as we learned about photography

let us go then through amber fields of jon
the neuroses that go on
in sawed off gunslinger shot gun shells
of dark cave seeds
in prep boy punk hell

oh my you see – his eyes they tell
he hears those thoughts in his head as well
shut up he’ll hear
and then he’ll know …..

in Salem’s lot they come and go
talking of Reverend Lester Lowe

Oh.  Oh.
That’s not what I meant ya know?

shouldn’t i have a crisis, not a moment of strength
to eat cakes and drink tea and quote hamlet all day?

no, I am not Jon Durbin
nor was meant to be
my ass is intact
no metal in me

We are the thin men
We are the children
We are the ones who see a brighter day
So let’s start giving

better or brighter?

come on anu, you can light my fire
make sure to change his name
for legal reasons
before you publish this dispatch
and choose an ending more seasoned

and i stop pretending
i ever could record down
the voices that wake us
as we drown


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