hipsters *  disco fans!
unite – i want to

try to get it right

one time

***i bear this weight –
acoustic part 
wait for the beat and you relate

to * the pop ***culture of today
and i hear you when you say
please write all of this shit down
this shit down
this shit down

please write all of this shit down
before i
the crowd


there was a time
when beer with lime
would keep me
refreshed&&& !!

but never again!
never again, fuck no

i don’t know
i don’t care
i don’t make excuses anyway

i just wish all the shit would
get the blocking, get the message
exit stage left
and melt away

and melt the fuck away
that beer with lime is kinda lame
i imagine
i imagine
i imagine
singing this refrain

or else,
i am dancing to stone roses
while i hunt for foolish gold in

sketchy remakes of the oldies
will you listen? oldies!
no one told me
i was wasted
but i figure i must
have tasted
in this 12 year scotch i’m sippin
never again unless i’m winnin
it’s the pantomime of this life of mine
and i’m
seriously not fucking kidding, guys

i can’t match up the beat
with my reputation in retreat
forgive me for this sheep
ishly way i’m getting on about explaining things

i tried hard to dance in step
but i stumbled on the left
thrown like salt over the shoulder
of a kid who

i cannot bet my soul
fuck you jon (you know)
no i cannot bet my soul
she would leave it on the floor
i could rhyme like this all night
it’s my obnoxious delight
but i need to get to bed
it’s so late i know that –
god will hate me
cannot bet my soul
no i cannot bet my soul
if i slow play that shit
– he will catch me
cannot bet my soul
reasonable to know
that my mind is twisting slow
so slowly
in pieces
no i cannot bet my soul

bet my soul

she’s up all night to get lucky

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