Montage of Hell

While the Cobain demos released Friday aren’t particularly fun to listen to, there are some illuminating aspects to the release worth mentioning. 1. Sound experiments here are in better quality than heard elsewhere. Some of them are quite funny. I never thought I’d like “Beans,” but you get older and learn shit, I guess. 2. You can hear how much care he’s putting into “Clean Up Before She Comes,” at least in this version, which makes him sound like he’s trying too hard. I suspect he is. I also suspect that song was important to him, at least early on, because it sounded like something he wanted to sound like. 3. I’ve often thought “Aneurysm”—or whatever was at the heart of “Aneurysm”—was a core Nirvana idea, the wellspring from which many other ideas came. You can hear it piecemealed around other songs in the catalog; interesting to find it here in that medley with “Something in the Way.” 4. Given what we know about “You Know You’re Right,” “She Only Lies” and “Poison’s Gone” seem like they point in the direction of the new record. Both have that purple/black vibe to them. 5. But, of course, that vibe is also all over the Foo Fighters’ debut. See “X-Static,” “Exhausted,” etc. So we already knew, already knew.

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