To live well.

“Just looking at them, you can tell that they are both the type who could swim the Lazy River backward and all the way round. In fact, isn’t this what they have done? One is called Mariatou, the other Cynthia. For ten euros they will plait hair in cane rows or Senegalese twists or high-ridged Dutch braids. In our party, three want their hair done; the ladies get to work. The men are in the polytunnels. The tomatoes are in the supermarket. The moon is in the sky. The Brits are leaving Europe. We are on a ‘getaway.’ We still believe in getaways. ‘It is hard in Spain,’ Mariatou says, in answer to our queries. ‘Very hard.’ ‘To live well?’ Cynthia adds, pulling our daughter’s hair, making her yelp. ‘Is not easy.’”
The Lazy River,” Zadie Smith

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