The Society Blue Book, Toronto, 1920.

“We do not claim THE BLUE BOOK is either a City Directory or absolutely an Elite Directory; neither do we pretend
to pass upon the social or financial standing of the parties whose
names are contained therein. It is simply a compilation of
about four thousand names of the more prominent householders
of Toronto, Hamilton and London, and numerous smaller
towns, published in the most convenient form for reference by
our lady patrons.

The title ‘The Blue Book’ is given the work because of
its blue cover. It does not refer to blue blood, as many people
suppose. Webster’s definition of Blue Book is as follows:
‘Blue Book a book containing a list of fashionable addresses.’

The data for this work have not been compiled from circulars or from other directories. Experienced men, particularly adapted for such work, have been assigned to each
locality, and the greatest care has been used in selecting these


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