“I don’t know if any of you have ever been big drinkers—like, daily, all-day drinkers—but there’s a sweet spot you hit, after you’ve chased away the hangover, when you start to feel balanced: all the happys are rich and bright and all the sads are deep and important. Your laughter is perfect and warm, and nobody quite understands the heartbreaking, tragic beauty of the world like you do. You become a virtuoso at feeling things. This sweet spot, which lasts for maybe two or three drinks, is what you end up chasing for the rest of the day, long after it is gone.

Garnett the Australian’s Bloody Marys pushed me and Tyler into the sweet spot. We talked about names for the three kids we were going to have and about landscaping details around the house we were going to buy and where Tyler’s workshop would go. We talked about traveling, about taking a cruise ship to Australia. We talked about everything we didn’t need to talk about and none of the things we did.”
Deadwood Soldiers Take a Cruise!” Jonny Diamond

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