Says the tiger.

I would like to literally set some men on fire

crush the ashes into        a hideous jewel

& wear it on my neck taking compliments like

I hate this necklace but thanks

I would like to twist some men into          a beautiful balloon animal

I would like to feed some men to tigers

& put it on C-SPAN where no one                                 would watch

sometimes I would like to set myself on fire

the tiger can chase my ass while I play dumb like Why meeee

Bitch you know why says the tiger

Don’t hurry                   I’ll eat you when convenient

I climb a tree that’s white like anxiety

Alright tiger you can eat                                             one earlobe

or my elbows I don’t need those                                  take my toes

I hate them anyway

the tiger is quiet                                 Come down & we’ll talk

I suddenly remember that I am               so tired

that I’ve been in the tree for eighteen years

& my fingers                 feel like burning

Duende,” Fran Tirado

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